About Us

Why buy when you can borrow?

Our vision is to support and promote the principles of sustainable living. Our mission is to provide all families in the Lane Cove LGA equitable and low-cost borrowing access to a range of quality, well-made toys that provide fun learning and playing opportunities, and that encourage child development in language, numeracy, social interaction, muscle development, imagination and creativity.

Our Objectives


Support local families socially and economically by encouraging sharing to reduce consumption and the need for excessive storage, overall nurturing the growth of a circular economy.


Supply a wide range of toys to keep children engaged, covering different stages of growth and development.


Provide opportunities for caregivers to meet, connect and participate in building resilient communities within Lane Cove.

Reduce Landfill

Promote the reuse of existing toys and passing them on to future generations.


Teach young people about the value of sharing.

Healthy Play

Engage young people in non-screen-based play.

For 0-5 Year Olds

Educational Toys

Board Games

Play Equipment