Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership entitles you to borrow up to 8 items for up to 3 weeks at a time with no additional fee. 

One item can be a small toy, a set (eg: a train set or a box of blocks) or a big toy (eg: a ride on car, or outdoor play gym). Some smaller toys are combined in one box or bag and count as one toy


Membership Responsibilities

    • Members are responsible for counting pieces of toys on the day of borrowing. If you identify that a toy is incomplete (missing pieces), please email The Lane Cove Toy Library immediately with the toy number and correct details.

    • Members are responsible for the care of borrowed toys
        • There is a $5 per piece replacement fee for any missing pieces. You may borrow the toy for additional 1 month period to try and locate any missing pieces. If the toy becomes inoperable due to the missing piece/s, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee.

        • If a toy is lost, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee. You may borrow the toy for additional 1 month period to try and locate it.

        • If a toy breaks due to reasonable wear and tear or poor condition there will be no charge.

        • If a toy is broken due to inappropriate use or neglect including damage by pets, you will be charged the full cost of replacing the toy or you may replace the toy yourself.

    • All toys must be cleaned before they are returned or upon returning.

    • Toys must be returned on or before the 3 week hire period ends. A late fee of $1 per toy may be charged per week overdue. Please email us if you have difficulty returning items. Toys may be renewed for a further week. 

    • Members must provide helmets for children using any bikes or bike style toys, including Euro trikes and scooters. All members must read and sign the waiver, release and indemnity for bicycle and scooters and sign on their membership form that they have read and agree to it before being eligible to borrow.

NB: Lane Cove Toy Library Committee reserve the right to reject or terminate a membership.

Volunteer Membership

The Lane Cove Toy Library requires volunteers to keep it running; therefore, members who choose to take up a volunteer membership are ‘compensated’ for their time in assisting with tasks and shifts with a FREE membership fee.

    • In order to qualify for the volunteer membership reduced fee members must complete four hours of shifts within 6 months of signing up – your availability is taken into account when rostering.

    • All volunteers are regularly rostered on to complete shifts throughout their 12 month membership.

    • Volunteer members who are able to are also requested to assist with annual stocktake (at which time the library is shut for borrowing).

    • From time to time the committee may put a call out to volunteers to assist at events and expos your assistance at these types of events is greatly appreciated.

    • Other volunteer opportunities may arise as the toy library grows and evolves so if you are unable to complete regular shifts you may be able to fulfil your volunteer duties in other ways. The Lane Cove Toy Library committee will notify volunteer members when other opportunities for volunteering are available.

We understand that ‘life’ happens and can prevent us from being able to return toys on time and/or complete volunteer duties, all we ask is that you communicate with us either via email and let us know in advance (when possible) that you need to cancel a shift or extend the due date for the toys you have borrowed. We appreciate your assistance with this.