The Lane Cove Toy Library is OPEN

Why join a Toy Library?

Save money

We have SO MANY toys to choose from that you won’t have to buy any!

Save space

Who wants those big toys around all the time? Where do you store them? No problems just return them to our toy library.

Keep your kids interested

Kids go through phases so quickly and it’s hard to keep them interested or their education going with the same toys.  If you join the toy library you will always have different toys to borrow.

Have variety at your fingertips

We are always buying new toys and have new ideas on how to keep your kids entertained. Play is like work for kids. Toys are the tools they use.

Over 900 toys to choose from

Our library has such a huge range of toys that there will always be something new for you to borrow!  You can even tell us what toys you would like in the library and we will do our best to source thm


Board Games

Puzzles for All Ages