Join the Lane Cove Toy Library

Parents, grandparents and carers are all welcome to become a member of the Lane Cove Toy Library. It’s easy! Just join online.


Annual: $85 ($60 Concession)

6 Monthly: $50 (36 Concession)

Quarterly: $30 ($22 Concession)

Free membership is provided to volunteers who provide a minimum of 4 hours volunteer time per year. Get in touch to volunteer.

Membership Principles

Counting Pieces

Members are responsible for counting pieces of toys BEFORE leaving the toy library. If you realise that the toy is incomplete when you get home, please email the Lane Cove Toy Library immediately with the toy number and correct details.

Toy Care

Members are responsible for the care of borrowed toys.

Missing Pieces

There is a $5 per piece replacement fee for any missing pieces. You may borrow the toy for an additional 3 week period to try and locate any missing pieces. If the toy becomes inoperable due to the missing piece, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee.

Lost Toys

If a toy is lost, you will need to replace the toy or pay a negotiated replacement fee. You may borrow the missing toy for an additional 1 month period to try and locate it.

Broken Toys

If a toy breaks due to reasonable wear and tear or poor condition there is no charge.  However, if a toy is broken due to inappropriate use or neglect, including damage by pets, you will be charged the full cost of replacing the toy or you may replace the toy yourself.


Please ensure your pets do not chew on any toys, or you will be charged for their replacement.

Cleaning Toys

All toys must be cleaned before they are returned or on return. Please visit our Cleaning Toys page for detailed instructions.


Members must provide helmets for children using any bikes or bike style toys, including trikes and scooters. This is a condition of our insurance.

Late Fees

Toys must be returned on or before the 3 week hiring period ends. A late return fee of $1 per toy may be charged per week overdue.  Members can renew their toys online by logging into their account. Regular toys may be renewed for a further three weeks.